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I have been working with Andy since July of last year and in that time I have lost over 2 stone.  However, what Andy has helped me to gain is even more important.  I am stronger, fitter and healthier than I have ever been.  With Andy's help I have learned to prioritise my own health and to set myself fitness goals that keep me motivated and committed.  Andy is so supportive of anything I want to try and achieve.  Every conversation with him is encouraging and I very much feel that Andy is on my team.  He really listens to what I enjoy when putting together my programme and has built me numerous programmes which make me stronger but have my abilities at the centre.  I have a fully customised programme for me which I really appreciate.  The best thing I ever did for my fitness was speak to Andy and I will continue to tell everyone who asks what an awesome job he does.

Fiona Philips

TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials

I would 100% recommend Andy, he pushes you to do your best all the way through the session but always at your own pace, all the exercises are well explained.
Long warm up and cool down
Andy is friendly, encouraging, polite and funny!
Definitely the best gym class I ever attended, don’t hesitate guys!!!

Cloe Verdier

TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials

With out doubt the most comprehensive PT session I’ve ever had. Right from the start blood pressure was taken body fat percentage, weight etc all done which no other PT has ever done with me, took time to find out my goals and looked at short term goals to achieve on the journey to my big challenge in few years time. Didn’t feel rushed and left feeling really worked out. I would very highly recommend

Michael O'Neill

TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials

Andy is very professional, helpful, friendly and really knows his stuff from fitness to stretching and so much more! Could not recommend him enough. If your looking for gains, want to lose weight, maintain weight, get fitter hit a brother up!

Kenneth Wright

TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials

To sum it up in a few words - motivational, friendly, fun and gains!

Shaun Campbell

TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials

I started with Andy 2 months after having a baby, I was nervous about exercising again and lost all self confidence due to my pregnancy and weight gain. After my 1st week of testing I wanted to go back the next week and start challenging myself. I have been going to the gym  and all different types of classes for years never realising that I wasn’t giving it my best. Joining Andy Mackay PT is the best thing I have signed up for fitness wise, for my mental health and for my gains.

Terri Ferguson

TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials

Andy has provided a great platform for me which includes my short and long term goals to help me reach where I want to be. The in depth work out plan has also been changed according to my situation.

Donald MacAskill

TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials

Andy is a fantastic, result orientated, personal trainer and all round great guy.

I’ve always struggled to motivate myself to work out and after a couple of years with very little in the way of exercise I contacted Andy with the goal of losing fat whilst building muscle. I started going to PT sessions twice a week and followed Andy’s refreshingly realistic advice on nutrition and setting a healthy lifestyle outside of the gym. Within 12 weeks my body fat dropped from 26% to 20% and I lost 4 inches off my stomach. Over the same period my strength increased drastically along with my energy and mood.

More importantly Andy values me as a person, not just a client, and takes the time to understand my goals, answer any questions I have and goes beyond telling me what to do to explain why it works and how to perform each exercise safely and effectively. He is incredibly passionate about what he does and, although the sessions are challenging, his enthusiasm has made training something I look forward to.

Scott Adamson

TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials

I've been working with Andy for 4 months, and so happy with the progress I have made.  Currently on my second programme and I'm especially happy with the nutritional advice I've been given.  Andy has been there every step of the way, always checking up on me to see how I've been getting on.  If you're considering getting coaching then I couldn't recommend Andy enough!

Kieran Eaglesham

TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials

Andy has brought me on leaps and bounds with my strength for my running.  Very professional and knows how to get those gains.

Ben Wilson

TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials
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